Direct Mail

At Senior Living Direct, we love direct mail. It's highly efficient for the promotion of events, specials, tour invitation and more. We've executed hundreds of campaigns and understand the perfect balance between creative and strategic. The result? Well... results.

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Social Media & Digital

The myth of social media appealing exclusively to the young has all but vanished as Baby Boomers continue to soar in online use and almost exclusively turn to social and online platforms to inform life's key decisions. Senior Living Direct's approach to social media is highly-organized and strategic, often functioning as a collaboration between us and your team.

Printed Collateral

There's a certain power printed collateral wields when it comes to senior living decisions. Almost invariably, your brochures will be stacked up against the competitors', copied, mailed to others, shared with friends. Quite simply, if your printed pieces don't represent you accurately, you could miss out.


One of our passions at Senior Living Direct is photography of our clients' unique features and amenities as well as -- our favorite -- their precious residents. Nothing compares to capturing the heartfelt emotion of a content resident, like these lovely ladies - a couple sweet Alabama residents, enjoy a refreshing ice cream snack.

Click here to see samples of our photography.


Video Production

From broadcast TV commercials to online video tours and much more, Senior Living Direct has produced hundreds of high-quality, dynamic video pieces. Our full-service video offerings also include in-depth audience research and strategic media placement to ensure your message is reaching the right audience, at the right time, with the frequency needed to maximize results.

print advertising

Few mediums maintain--even today--the broad reach of local newspapers and magazines. Print is in-depth, established and our typical demographic is more inclined to read printed material, compared to younger generations. In other words, if you haven't considered advertising locally, we'd love to take a close look with you and see if it makes sense for your community.

Mature woman with glasses reading newspaper

Next Steps...

With decades of experience with some of the nation's top ad agencies, there's virtually no marketing tactic Senior Living Direct isn't familiar with. Contact us today and let's chat about how we can work with you.