Ginny is a widow of two years. The furry little ray of sunshine though next to her – that’s “Sugar.” Ginny previously considered independent living, but the community she knew of didn’t allow dogs and she simply assumed they all were the same. A deal-breaker, to say the least.

Senior Living Direct’s pet-friendly CCRC had several beautiful IL apartments to fill, so we developed a paid, creative and strategic Facebook campaign. By researching prospect demographics, we put in place a campaign that reached a very specific audience the met all criteria below:

☑  Women over 65
☑  Home address within 10 miles of community
☑  Widowed or single
☑  Active Lifestyle
☑  Pet lovers

By narrowing the audience – specifically to pet lovers – we were able to focus the campaign budget on the most-qualified prospects while focusing on what’s important to them – in this case, our client’s pet-friendly policy and fantastic dog park.

Ginny saw the ad, took a tour and they moved in. Ginny (and Sugar) are making new friends daily and the campaign produced an outstanding ROI.

Senior Living Direct can find your next Ginny, let her know you care and make that special connection all of us in senior living love to see. Email [email protected] for more information on how to get started today.