prospect identification

At Senior Living Direct, we combine years of experience and industry knowledge with an obsession for demographic analysis and research. In other words, we know how to define your target audience and reach them at the right time, while minimizing waste.

Dynamic creative

With thousands of messages bombarding us all day, every day; breaking through the clutter can be a challenge. At Senior Living Direct, we’ve developed hundreds of ads, direct mailers and other pieces that speak directly to the concerns of seniors and adult children.

strategic marketing

We take the guesswork out of senior living marketing by employing proven strategies and continually refining our approach based on results. We’ll work with you to identify your marketing area, demographics, messaging, frequency and other strategic components to maximize results.

Since 1993

find your fit

At Senior Living Direct, our focus goes beyond generating the largest number of leads, regardless of quality. Our mission is to find prospects who are highly qualified and truly a “match” for your community. After decades in the industry, we’ve experienced how genuinely life-changing and fulfilling it is when a senior finds that perfect fit. Their life is changed, as is their family’s, and the community is stronger as bonds strengthen among staff and satisfied residents.

To that effort, Senior Living Direct has refined the art of senior living demographic analysis. We closely review core demographics along with behavioral and psychographic patterns. That process may be as simple as identifying and inviting life-long dog-loving prospects to your “pet parade” or it could be the development of comprehensive profiles of existing and target resident types.

Regardless of scope, this core approach will land more content in the hands of more-qualified prospects. You’ll see it in that sparkle in their eyes when they first enter your community. A sparkle that says “I can picture being happy here.” Let us help you find that sparkle.


Let's talk!

We're confident we can help your senior living community leverage a variety of proven marketing approaches to reach your most-qualified audience. If you'd like to talk to us more about a single project or wider campaign, please give us a call at 331.642.8315 or email [email protected].